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The details make the difference between premium products and others. For 125 years, the German family company FALKE has been standing for clothing made of premium materials that are manufactured with the finest workmanship and a wealth of detail. Thanks to innovative ideas and backed by many decades of experience, FALKE manufactures socks and clothing in superior quality and contemporary design.

Over 3,000 employees create premium products every day that are enjoyed by the customers and worn with great pleasure. FALKE manufactures trendy clothing accessories that are attuned to the individuals’ lifestyle and their personal culture and aspirations.The product portfolio of FALKE entails hosiery, socks, underwear, sports performance apparel and apparel.

Products and services

The product portfolio of FALKE entails hosiery, socks, underwear, sports performance apparel and apparel. Our contemporary designs master details of shape, colour, pattern and texture within aesthetic, innovative product solutions. While pursuing the perfect designs, we always keep our customers in mind, accompanying them on every of their steps.

The art of yarn selection is the most crucial step in making beautiful FALKE products. Even the simplest of designs involve a melding of several yarns in their construction, each contributing to design engineering, comfort, tactility, function and a fit that feels as exquisite as it looks. To the delight of our customers, we constantly strive to push the limits in tantalising ways

FALKE Hosiery

Are you looking for a perfect skin tone for naturally beautiful legs?
FALKE has the right tone for every woman. Ideally, legs should appear smooth and flawless but still look natural. To achieve this cosmetic effect, FALKE Perfect Skin Colours offer a diverse colour palette for every skin colour

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FALKE Women's & Men's Legwear

Always dressed to impress with our timeless FALKE classics! Discover our high-quality products, that will guide you through the year. We aim to satisfy all your requirements. With our high level of competence in colour and a wide variety of patterns and designs, we make it possible to add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. This, coupled with the best quality, make our socks a unique experience

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FALKE ESS Underwear

FALKE offers functional sports underwear to cover a wide range of sports, allowing athletes to exercise several sports with one underwear series. The product lines are also adapted to different outside temperatures.
Sporty jackets, trousers, tops and bras made of functional materials in the proven FALKE fit and high quality make the Apparel collection stand out..

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57392 Schmallenberg

Phone: +49 151 12004359
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Desiree Larson
Vice President FALKE USA
Phone: +1 646 4776312
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1279, 19th Str. Lane NW
US-NC 28601 Hickory

Phone: +1 828 4853313
Internet: www.falke.com
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News & Innovations

Maximum Support Bra - available in 2 cup sizes

The perfect fit for women who appreciate a worry-free active life. Designed to suit your needs, our seamless double layer bra with quick-dry technology and knitted support and ventilation structures, as well as high support double strap back and full breast coverage is the ultimate companion for high activity sport levels.

  • 2-layer construction for ideal support with functional zone management.
  • Mesh Structures in the center back and underbust to ensure perfect moisture management
  • Extra strong double rib structure to guarantee best support for different underbust areas andfor the straps
  • Very soft touch, but highly supporting material for the inner Bra
  • No seams > no pressure marks
  • Adjustable underbust band
  • Padded straps
  • First choice article of the German police corps
  • Article number 37464 CD Cup & 37474 AB Cup

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FALKE Travel & Comfort
Travel & Comfort with FALKE and Lufthansa
For many people, business trips are part of their everyday working life. Long periods of sitting and restricted movement can often turn such journeys into energy-zapping experiences. This is where the FALKE Travel & Comfort line comes in, offering innovative products with a refreshing and invigorating effect, which ensure that you reach your business appointments feeling rested and full of energy.
Our product line has already won over Lufthansa, with their expertise in topics related to air travel. They have described the products in the FALKE Travel & Comfort line as "best travel products" and licensed them as an official Lufthansa partner product.
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FALKE Beauty Plus
Tights specifically for large sizes – are they even necessary? Our answer is an unequivocal “yes”. Discussions with our customers showed that they had very specific wishes and requirements in terms of fit, quality and comfort, which had not previously been fulfilled. That's why we defined the specific demands together and developed a completely new tights concept. The result? The new FALKE Beauty Plus. They will win you over with their perfectly proportioned cuts with soft shaping at the hips, thighs and calves, exceptional comfort and of course thanks to the high FALKE standard of quality. In order to reflect individual proportions perfectly, they are available with both longer and shorter legs for the perfect FALKE fit.
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